7x5 Bleached Knots Wigs VS 6X4.75 Pre-Cut Lace Wigs, How To Choose Suitable Lace Wigs?

Lace wigs are a popular choice for many individuals for a variety of reasons. Do you know about the two lace wigs that are popular recently? Next, we will compare the similarities and differences between 7x5 bleached knots wigs and 6x4.75 pre-cut lace wigs, and provide some tips for choosing lace wigs. Continue reading.

What’s A 7x5 Bleached Knots Wig?

Maybe this is the first time you have heard the name of this wig, but like other wigs, its name contains its main characteristics. First of all, 7x5 means that it is a lace area, and the bleached knots are also called tiny knots, we have pre-bleached the wig knots for this wig, which provides great convenience to the wig wearer.

What’s A 6x4.75 Pre-cut Lace Wig?

As the name suggests, the 6x4.75 pre-cut wig has a lace area of 6x4.75 and is pre-cut at the hairline. Of course it has the bleached knots. This not only saves women the time of wearing the wig but is also very convenient for people who have no experience in cutting lace.

What Are The Differences Between Them?

First of all, their lace areas are different, which meets the needs of different people for wig lace. A larger lace area can provide more functionality and help women achieve more hairstyles. In addition, with the continuous improvement of wig technology, lace wigs can now be worn without glue, which solves another problem that troubles everyone.

Secondly, their production processes are different. 7x5 bleached knots lace wigs bleached the hairline to make it look more natural. And 6x4.75 pre-cut lace wigs have pre-cut the lace part at the hairline to make it more convenient and natural to wear.

Of course, they also have some things in common. They all have a larger lace area to design more hairstyles, and their upgraded styles will make them more natural and comfortable to wear. They all use wig caps with higher breathability to provide your scalp with more breathing space.

What’s A Lace Wig?

A lace wig is a special type of hairpiece in which the hair has extra handmade thin, nearly invisible lace material at the front hairline. There are also different types of lace wigs, such as full lace, 360 lace, front lace, partial lace, etc. Through the maturity of technology and the continuous improvement of wig types, people have higher requirements for the size of the lace area and breathability.

How To Choose A Suitable Lace Wig?

Before choosing a suitable lace wig, we must first consider the area of lace. We need to decide the lace wig we want to choose based on our needs for daily hairstyle.

When lace front wigs were not yet accepted by the majority of women, more people would choose 360 lace or full lace wigs because the sufficient lace area gave them more possibilities.

Between lace front wigs and part wigs, if you like middle-parted hairstyles then T-part wigs will be a good choice, otherwise lace front wigs will make you fall in love with them.

The two large-area glueless lace wigs we mentioned above are also fashionable items that many women will consider. In terms of functionality and convenience, they are both the best choices.

Remember, choosing the right lace wig is a personal decision and should fit your style, comfort, and preferences. Take the time to research and make an informed choice to ensure you're happy with your wig.


Although there are some differences between 6x4.75 pre-cut wigs and 7x5 bye-bye knots wigs, we can see that the current wigs have become more and more suitable for our real needs and our daily lives. Because it does not require glue, it can be put on and taken off. Because the lace is comfortable enough, it can better protect our natural hair. Because the lace area is large enough, we can design our hairstyle any way we want. This autumn, come to Junoda to own a brand-new lace wig!

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