Breathable Wig Cap - Airy Wear Go Wig

Breathable Wig Cap will give a cool and comfort wig wearing experience. Choosing a breathable cap wig is necessary, especially for summer season.

Junoda Airy wear go wig apply 3d mesh dome cap, super lightweight, and super breathable. The mesh dome cap is see-through, airy and breathable, you feel breeze all day. Junoda wear and go wigs apply pre cut hd lace and 3d mesh dome cap, all for natural looking and comfortable wearing.

Why Dome Cap is Breathable Wig Cap?

A mesh dome cap is know for its "breathable", it is mesh see-through, stretchable, and allow air to circulate through it. Here are factors why mesh dome cap is the most popular and welcomed breathable wig cap.


Junoda stretchable mesh dome wig cap apply high-quality soft, breathable and durable mesh, nylon material. Lightweight, breathable and avoid sweating, wear a whole day and you will not feel hot. Comfortable when wearing, super stretchable, not easy to be teared and deformed. Soft Wig cap with good elastic, one size fits almost all head size comfortably.

Ventilation design

The mesh design of dome cap make sure the air to pass through, allow air to circulate to the scalp, promoting ventilation and airflow. Airy mesh dome cap make you feel cool, breathable and comfortable when wearing.

Moisture-wicking properties

Dome caps apply moisture-wicking technology, are designed to draw moisture away from the scalp, helping to keep it dry and comfortable. By reducing moisture, they contribute to the overall breathability of the cap, reducing heat, sweat, and potential discomfort.

Why Wear Go Wig Choose Dome Cap?


3D mesh dome cap is a breathable wig cap, is a popular wig cap used for wig making. Made of soft, stretchable, lightweight and breathable material, allow airflow to the scalp.

Comfortable to wear

The purpose of a breathable dome cap is to provide a comfortable and hygienic barrier between the scalp and the wig. Wearing a wig directly on the scalp can sometimes cause discomfort, irritation, or sweating, especially during hot weather or prolonged use. The breathable cap helps to minimize these issues by allowing airflow and preventing excessive heat and moisture buildup.

Protect the scalp

Avoid the wig construction to directly touch your scalp, help to prevent friction, rubbing, or damage to the hair and scalp. A breathable dome cap can act as a barrier between the wig and the natural hair.

Snug and fitted

Snuggly Fit Your Head:3d dome cap is designed to conform the shape of head. Perfect snug and fit your head shape, one size fits most people. Stretchable and soft dome cap material, no float, clumps and lumps.

No slipping

Due to the snug and fitted design of 3d dome cap, it is super secure to wear. No flipping, not easy to fall off and move. Piano keys wide elastic band to further ensure the secure of the wig.

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