How to Prepare Natural Hair And Install Headband Wig

What is the difference between a headband wig and an ordinary human hair wig?

Headband wigs are different from half wigs or ordinary wigs. Although you can use headbands on the official two, they do not have the same benefits as headband wigs.

It is easy to distinguish between headband wigs and semi-wigs; the headband is the key. If you can detach and connect the headband, then it is a semi-wig.

Therefore, you can recognize a headband-style human hair wig, but you want to know why someone would like it instead of a traditional wig style, and you only need to wear a scarf or headband around the other. Well, the truth is that headband wigs provide the user with maximum comfort.

The headband attached to them is elastic and gentle on the surface of your scalp. You don't need hairspray to fix the wig. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for people who want to start wearing wigs. They are also suitable for people with bald heads, because they are a protective wig without anything that can damage the quality of the hair

How to prepare natural hair before installation?

First thing is to separate your hair to let it be as flat as possible. In my opinion, the best way to make your hair flat is to work in sections, then go in and com every part of the root of the hair. And then flatten it like some eco-styling gel.

No matter what you want to use, it's importat to lay the back half flat, put it on a ponytail stand to keep it flat. Because it's already work in the first half, so now we just need to put on a ponytail.

Put the ponytail very low, then brush it off to make sure it was as flat as possible. Then lift it forward and unfolded it as much as possible, just like the back of the head.

How to install a headband wig?

First, use comb to detangle wig, then tie your hair into small tails and hide them under wig cap before putting on the headband wig. Second, wear and clip the wig on your natural hair, use the straps and combs to adjust size, so that the wig can match your head perfectly. If you want to add some baby hair, use mousse and brush to style natural hairline. At last, wear the headband you like and do stylish up to your liking. The whole process only takes few minutes.

Tips for wearing a headband wig naturally

Sometimes your face shape will affect the effect of the headband wig. Part of wearing a headband wig is to know how to wear headbands with different face shapes.

If your face is oval when you wear a headband wig, don’t push the headband back any more, because it will almost be higher on the oval face on your head and then fall off from behind, which will It's a bit weird to get one, so putting it around your hairline will be great, stable and natural.

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