Layered Haircut To Try -In 2024

Have you ever tired layer cut hairstyle? Layer cut has been loved by many girls and even celebrities in recent years. Many people may ask: Are layers still in style in 2024? The answer is yes. Layered haircut can easily and quickly refresh your look. The key is no matter what texture your hair is, whether you have long hair, short hair, or medium length, no matter what face shape you have. You can always get a perfectly fitting hairstyle with a layer cut. If you don’t want to cut your hair, you can also choose long layered hair extensions or layered human hair wigs. Today we will have a detailed discuss about layered hair cut. Hope you can get inspired.!


1.What is layered haircut?

A layered haircut is a hairstyle that is trimmed to give your hair different lengths from top to bottom. Usually, hairstylists will cut different layers according to your hair length, face shape, hair volume, etc. Some layers are used to increase hair volume, while others are used to modify the shape of the face. And for people with thick hair, layers can reduce hair weight and create a luxury look. All in all, layered haircut is very versatile.

2.Layered vs non layered hair

For layered hair, we can clearly see that the hair lengths are different and there are obvious layers. And the hair look fuller and voluminous. Besides, the overlook of the hair looks like it has been carefully styled.

For non-layered hair, all the hair falls in the same direction, and the different length hair cant’ be easily found.Compared with layered hair, non-layered hair seems less in volume.

3.Pros and cons of layered hair.


Create charming look: Hairstyles designed according to the shape of the face can make the face look slimmer and longer. They can also accentuate your prominent facial features and make a noticeable difference to your personal style.

Adds volume: Do you have thin,fine and floppy hair? Are you nervous that it is difficult to style your hair with less volume? If so, a layered haircut is a hairstyle you need to try. The different layers will add volume to your hair.

Balance your hair. For thick and bulky hair, layered hair cut can make your hair less weight and easy to manage. Vastly versatile: Layered cuts can fit hair of various styles and lengths. If you like layered cuts, you don’t have to worry about whether your hair is suitable for it.


Require high maintenance: To keep the luxury layered style, you need to spend more time time on hair caring and maintenance. If you have straight layer cut, you need to curl the hair frequently to achieve the fluffy look. Besides, with the growth of hair, you also have to trim hair to keep the layers.

Take long time to grow back. Once your hair has been cut layers, it will take long time to grow back to normal hair.

Hard to tie hair up: Due to the different length layers.the hair will be hard to be tied up. The short hair will fall down. For some certain hair style, you may need bobby pins or hair wax to fix to short hair.

4.Recommended layered haircut for thin long hair.

Long layered hair with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs is considered as a perfect hairstyle that has plenty of variations. It works best with long layered hair. Bangs and the layers can frame the face and create a fresh, youthful look for you.

Layered hair blonde

Want a full look? The warm blonde color combines the elegant layers and define curls can give you a satisfied style.

Highlighted layered hair

Highlighted layered hair is a timeless style you can try. Layers give you a puffy glamorous look and the shining dark brown color with honey blonde highlight make you a stunning princess!

Black long layered hair

Black long layered hair is a class style which complement almost all skin tones. If you don't like colored hair, you might as well try a black layer cut, which can make your black hairstyle less monotonous.

Rounded layered hair

Round layers refers all layers are cut 90° straight out from the head shape. Round layers can create an illusion of volume and density. So why not have a try if you want your hair look thick?

Face framing layers

While Face Framing Layers creating a charming shape for you, it pays more attention to modifying your face shape. It can hide the parts you don't want to show and balance your facial features. So girls with round face, square face, or diamond face shape can try this style.

 Face framing layers

5.Shoulder length choppy layered hair.

Breezy Curly Cut

Breezy curly cut can help you get a relaxed curl look. Layers are the key to make your curl vivid, and fabulous which can also make your hair more volume and less weighed-down heaviness.

Long Curly Shag

The essential components of the shag are short layers at the crown, choppy ends, volume and texture. So if you have curly hair and want to have a perfect haircut, I’s sure you will love it.

Angled Asymmetrical Lob

Angled Asymmetrical Lob is a classic long bob styles which is loved by many celebrities. Its asymmetrical length looks elegant and makes a statement of your personality. Besides it never goes out of style!

Textured Long Bob

Bob is timeless classic style, you can always believe it. Textured Long Bob allows you to have the thick look brought by a layered cut while the bob style make you younger and gorgeous.

Fringed Shoulder Cut

Bang style can also work best with shoulder length hair. Light textured hair with layers make your face shape looks perfect. And the choppy layers add even more elegance.



Layering is a very effective way to refresh your look and achieve a fuller fluffy look. Whether you have long or short hair, thin hair or more volume hair, layered haircut can always make your kair looks perfect. Have you tried layer cut? Would you like to try it? You are welcomed to share the opinions about layer cut.

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