Refresh Your Used Wig: Let's save your money

Are you still troubled by the glue on the used wig that is difficult to remove? Do you feel that the used wig is no longer smooth? Today's blog will teach you how to give your used wig a new look! Let's refresh wigs together, save resources and protect the environment.

Step 1: Put hot water in a bowl add dish doap

Put some hot water in a bowl, boil about 6 cups of water. This process is easiest with an electric kettle but any method works. Once the water is boiling, poor it into your bowl. Then, pour about 6 cups of warm/hot water from the sink. Alternate and repeat this process one more time, so you’ll have about 24 cups of water in total. This ensures that the water stays hot, but not enough to burn your hands.and then add dish doap or what detergent you like

Step 2: Immerse the hair

First immerse the lace in water for five minutes, let the glue soaked and softened by the lace for later cleaning. After massaging your wig in the conditioner/water mixture, take your wide tooth comb and start to gently brush through it. There may be some shedding, but this is normal! Brush through the wig until it’s completely untangled. Once you’ve achieved that desired look, gently ring your wig out and hang it to dry.

Step 3:Gently remove glue with a towel

Gently wipe off the softened glue with a dry towel, being careful not to damage the lace with too much force

Step 4: soak again for any stubborn areas and dry it

After clean the stubborn areas, leave the wig to dry on a coat stand overnight. Place the wig on the coat stand and smooth down the hairs into your desired style. Leave the wig to dry for 6 - 10 hours or until it is completely dry before you put it on. If you don’t have a coat stand, place the wig on a hook instead.

It’ll still look a little wild, but as it dries you’ll easily see the difference! Human hair dries much quicker than synthetic, so take that time difference into account. Add your final touches with a flat iron. If your wig is heat safe, this will seal in the smoothness and the silkiness that the conditioner added. Your wig will be thanking you, along with your bank account!

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