What Is The Benefit Of Short Wolf Cut?

Is your short hairstyle still stuck in the bob haircut? Why don’t you try the short wolf cut? There are many shaggy layers of the short wolf cut, which create a fashionable style that is textured and effortless. If you are a girl who likes the low-maintenance hairstyle and doesn’t like to go to the barber shop frequently, the short wolf cut will be your ideal hairstyle. In this passage, I will tell you why you must choose the short wolf cut. You have no reason to say no about the handsome short wolf cut.

What Is Short Wolf Cut?

Last year, the short wolf cut was the hottest hairstyle around the fashion circle. Actually, it comes from Korea, and some famous hairstylists think the short wolf cut is more fashionable than the mullet haircut.
The cut of the wolf short hair is reflected in the position of the head and bangs on the face. By creating layers of hair that look like shaggy, messy wolf hair, this style often has a framed fringe that adds softness around the face. One of the best aspects of the short wolf cut is its ease of styling. It works better with the natural texture of the hair. It also has a higher volume at the top, decreasing at the bottom.

What Is The Benefit Of Short Wolf Cut?

Short wolf cut is a combination of shaggy and mullet. This hairstyle is gender-neutral, and if you like the idea of bangs, volume, and lots of layers, you must consider this hairstyle. The short wolf cut is the chicest short hairstyle for 2022.

1. Easy to maintain

Because short wolf hair doesn't require the same maintenance steps as color, and its volume doesn't require curlers and gel to maintain, so short wolf haircut is easy to take care of. One of the prominent features of the short wolf haircut is that it really is a wash-and-go style.

2. Show your personality and follow fashion trends

Short wolf cut, as its name suggests, "wild" like a wolf. It can look hard to control, but because it's different from normal hairstyles, the messy layers and elastic volume are more handsome and different. Wolf short hair enhances this sense of good looks, both for women and men.

3. Large volume and full hair

Short wolf cut creates a strong sense of fluffiness with a fluffy cut. The signature look of the short wolf cut is made up of a lot of volume at the top, gradual to the bottom, with heavy bangs or side bangs. As a result, it will look very fluffy and does show a lot of volumes when viewed from the front.

4. Short wolf cut be friendly with everyone

The modern mullet like a short wolf cut is very versatile and suits most face shapes and hair types. Straight, wavy, and even curly hair types can rock this short style.

How To Get Short Wolf Cut Easily?

Girls with short wolf hair are really handsome, you want to have this kind of handsome short wolf cut? Here, I will tell you how to get a short wolf cut easily.

1. Divide your hair into two layers

If you have short hair, tie your hair in a ponytail that ends in front of your forehead, leaving the other half hanging down. If you have long hair, tie it in a high ponytail just above your forehead. Tying your hair in a high ponytail is a simple layered cut.

2. Cut the first layer short

Cut off about 2 to 4 inches (5.1 to 10.2 cm) with barber scissors. About 4 inches (10 cm), roughly the overall length of your short wolf cut.

3. Cut your hair upward, thinning it in layers

Wolf hair requires a messy, layered cut, which means you can't be too rigid. You can cut very thin, with your scissors pointing up at your hair, turning them frequently to get a small amount of hair.

4. Cut layered bangs

Take your hair out of the ponytail and part it down the middle. You will find that the part under the hair is the longest and the part near the ear is the shortest. This is the time to start cutting curtain bangs. The cut curtain style bangs complete the short wolf cut. Once all the layers are done, you can refine them and trim around the face for more volume and shine.

2022 Most Fashionable Short Wolf Cut Ideas

Here are the hottest and most fashionable short wolf hairstyles you need to try! By the way, the curly wolf cut is the hottest wolf trend this year. 

1. Extra short brunette wolf

The wolf cut has soft and edgy layers that flatter your face and bring movement to your hair. The short length will make your ends look neat and easy to maintain. Styling is easy with a hair dryer and a round brush.

2. Wolf pixie cut

Have you ever heard of a wolf pixie cut? Try cutting your puffy wolf hair into a super short, artistic twist on the typical puffy elf.

3. Short wolf cut with layers and a middle part

The wolf cut with a short center part is a striking choice for women with square and heart-shaped faces, but while the heavily layered style draws the eye to the best features of the face, the center part creates a perfect curtain.

4. Layered wolf cut with highlights

Make your short wolf hair more unique and highlight the layers! The highlighting technique makes the texture of the wolf hair more noticeable, especially when executed on dark short, and straight hair.You can also do it as a curly wolf cut

5. Short wavy wolf haircut with curtain bangs

A short wolf cut is perfect with curtain bangs and bright blonde hair! Don't be afraid to change your color when choosing this type of hairstyle.


The short wolf hairstyle is gaining popularity in the social media environment. Looking for a change? Come and try the fluffy wolf cut short hairstyle! This is an updated mullet that is super stylish and sure to get your attention.

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