Black Hair Wig With Highlights, Blonde, Red, Blue, Or Pink?

How to lighten our dark hair in a way that doesn't hurt? If you want to lighten your hair but want it to look fine and natural, you can use highlights to achieve it. How to choose the highlight color that suits you? The following content will introduce you to several popular black hair with highlights.

While highlights can be harsh on dark hair, this is great for creating a natural finish that looks like tanned hair rather than bleached. Black is a neutral color that goes well with any color, but the best highlights for brunettes are sure to match your skin tone, be it warm or cool. Choosing a color that is one to two shades lighter than your base black color can give your hair an overall more natural look. Light-colored highlights will look shimmery in the sun, but you can also use highlights like pink, blue, or gray to make a statement.

What Should We Do Before We Get A Highlights On Black Hair Look?

1. There are two ways to get a highlight, achieve it through the dyeing technique or get a highlighted wig.

2. If you choose to dye your hair then you need to prepare in advance. Use a purifying shampoo to remove buildup and deep cleanse a few weeks before coloring; trimming dry ends will maximize your end result.

3. Find the right highlight color. Light and creamy shades add dimension and shine, and using highlights as the focal point of your face will do the trick.

4. Determine if you need to bleach your hair. If you're concerned about bleaching your natural hair then you can go straight to highlighting without any treatment, which is a viable option but it lasts for a shorter period of time.

What Trendy Black Hair With Highlights Are There?

Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights can brighten up the face and look perfect when paired with soft, loose curls. The bright, effortless shade brings a touch of summer to the darkest of undertones, accentuating skin tones and creating dimension.

Black Hair With Red Highlights

How to make your black hair edgy and fun with the right color? Fierce red can add a glamorous and sexy color to dark hair. But it will require you to maintain your red highlights every month so that they are rejuvenated and look fresh all the time.

Black Hair With Pink Highlights

Pink highlights are definitely one of the coolest, boldest hairstyles you can have, and a soft pink color will make you attractive enough. Black curls with pink highlights are absolutely stunning if you love curls but are tired of one color.

Black Hair With Silver Highlights

An all-over ash-silver hair color might be on the cooler end of the spectrum, and even a salt and pepper wig is something few would want to try even if it was indeed leading the trend. But you can try a great combination of black and silver, and if you don’t worry about embarrassing grow-outs, this cooler silver highlights look is one of the best low-maintenance hairstyle options.

Black Hair With Grey Highlights

Chic and edgy gray highlights on black hair give an instant high-fashion look while brightening up your look and adding life to your hair. Although gray takes a lot of patience to design, it is worth it for the effect it achieves.

Black Hair With Brown Highlights

Highlights can add depth and dimension to gorgeous black hair and are also great for highlighting your hair without looking flat. Dark brown highlights produce lower contrast to avoid a huge visual impact and are more suitable for everyday hairstyles.

Black Hair With Blue Highlights

The charm of blue can be seen everywhere, even a bouquet of blue flowers will show more delicacy and gorgeousness. The intensity of blue attracts light and boosts your charisma. The amount of highlights also determines whether your overall style is fresh and low-key or rock fashion.

What Black Highlight Wigs Are Worth Recommending?

The Junoda Hair Store provides premium ombre/highlight wigs. Not long ago, they launched a trendy black hair wig with blonde & red highlights. The cool style and warm color collision make it one of the wigs that many women pursue a while. And it’s one of junoda's hot-selling products. Hope these highlighted wigs can inspire your new hairstyle.


1. How Do I Keep My Highlights Looking Bright All The Time?

(a) Avoid washing your hair too often, you can use dry shampoo as an alternative.

(b)Keep your highlights fresh and radiant at all times with color protection products or a dedicated conditioner.

2. How Do I Keep My Highlights From Getting Damaged?

(a) Go slow and easy when applying highlights to get the final color and minimize damage to the hair in the process.

(b) Use conditioning products in your daily routine to balance harsh chemicals.

(c) Cut back on heat styling tools and opt for silk towels and pillows to reduce re-damage from friction.

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