V-Part Wigs: A Favorite for Beginners

If you have been feeling the strain of a traditional sewn-in weave, you may be searching for a way to give your hair and scalp a much needed break. That said, you may also be looking to achieve a beautiful, natural look and accomplish personalized style at the same time. Fortunately, there is a wig choice that can suit all your needs: the V-Part Wig! Likewise, it is the perfect choice for those who are just becoming familiar with wig wearing, or anyone who does not like to devote a large amount of time and energy to styling their wigs.


At Junoda, as the leading supplier of premium quality wigs, we want to make sure that our clients feel confident that you are selecting your ideal wig. Accordingly, if you find that a V-Part wig suits your needs, we encourage you to take advantage of the exceptional deals we are currently offering: you can receive up to 35% off our V-Part wigs and combine that with any of our other special promotions!


Natural Look

A V-Part wig is a wig with an opening at the top, or side; effectively, the wig looks like the letter V. In this way, you can combine parts of your real hair with your wig hair to create an exceptionally natural look. Most high-quality V-Part wigs, such as the ones we sell at Junoda, are undetectable and invisible which further adds to a natural final look.


Easy to Install

No leave out, no glue. For all intents and purposes, the V-Part wig may be the easiest wig to install when creating the look and style that you desire. It allows you to section your hair, part your hairline, and style your edges in a way that is preferable. 


Variety of Styles and Colors

V-Part wigs, especially in our Junoda selection, come in a wide array of styles, colors, and lengths. Whether you wish to have an elegant and sophisticated, every-day look or an eccentric and edgy style, we have you covered. One of the prime advantages of the V-Part wig is that no matter which style you choose, you will always be able to achieve fullness and length.


Hair Protection

Some types of wigs cannot be worn if you have a weak hairline, or if your hair cannot be in braids or weaves. V-Part wigs allow you to only section off parts of your hair, and give the rest of your hair relief. In this way, it prevents hair loss and contributes to hair growth. Ultimately, this makes the V-Part wig an excellent choice if you are looking to grow out your natural hair type or color.


Short-Term Wear

Although this may be a disadvantage to some people, V-Part wigs allow for short-duration wear. You will need to remove them daily before sleeping or showering, however, they are very easy to install.

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