How long does a lace front wig last?

Lace Front wigs are a breakthrough in the beauty industry. For VIPs, Celebrities it has been a part and parcel of their look and appearance to rapidly change their haircut, look & appearance for different events without harming their hair. With the perfect quality Lace part wig, you can also go viral on social media and become a celebrity with thousands of followers.

As wigs are becoming popular day by day, it has become an essential investment. So, the lifespan of the wig, care, and maintenance of the wig is very crucial. In this article, we will discuss How long does a lace front wig last? and some facts to properly take care of your wig.

What is a Lace Front Wig?

Hairs are exclusively hand-tied & hand-stitched onto the lace front piece to create a more consistent & normal appearance. Lace Front Wigs can be styled endlessly from the face because the hairline is almost invisible and the scalp can be seen through the mesh. You can also drag the hair of the wig backward or tuck it behind your ears without the wig cap being seen. This gives you versatility and a very realistic look.


It is one of the most affordable choices for women that want full coverage from ear to ear for a natural hairline. With 13x4/13x6 inches lace area in front of the wig consists enables you to part it anywhere in front.

Because lace front wigs will give you such a natural-looking hairline, many wig wearers desire a cap that combines a lace front with monofilament or hand-tied cap to get the most realistic look with the most versatility. 

How to Check Lace Front Wig lifespan?

Buying a lace front wig is an investment, especially if you're investing in high-quality wigs and you want them to last a long time. But the lace wig that you're buying will last longer, or not depending on some facts and the quality of hair used. These are: 

1. Human Hair Wigs:

Human hair lace front wigs can be made from either virgin human hair, Remy human hair, non-Remy human hair another day. Each of these materials has a life span that varies significantly.

Human Hair Wigs are always Super reliable and the best in quality. Also:

· You can dye this hair darker

· You can lighten this hair

· You can chemically process this hair

· You can bleach the knots

· Can swim while wearing (we recommend braiding the hair or securing it)

The main drawback is its price. If your budget allows you then always go for lace front wigs.

2. Usage Scenario:

How often you wear your lace front wig plays a role as well in how long your lace front wig will last. If you wear your lace front wig every day vs. occasionally your lace front wig will have a shorter lifespan by default.

Active lifestyles are also part of the puzzle as the more you move and sweat in your lace front wig the less lifespan your wig will have.

3. How Do You Apply Your Lace Front Wig?

The best lace front wig application to keep your wig lasting longer is by choosing a glue-less lace front wig cap that you can take off at night and put on during the day.

The glue and/or tape method of applying lace front wigs are damaging and will shorten the lifespan of your wig over time. Lace front wigs have delicate hair knots that will eventually be pulled out over time due to the glue or tape adhesive.

The sew-in method is easier on your wig as no glue or tape is applied, however, I would caution that over time this method may cause the hair to shed prematurely. It is important to keep the wig cap clean, dry, and free from bacteria

that can grow on the hair knot. Once bacteria have formed on the hair knot it will cause the knots to weaken and break off. Keeping the wig clean and moisture-free is a tough task with this application method.

4. Natural look and feel

A long-lasting lace front wig must look and feel like your natural hair. Also, a good quality wig should be easy to manage, wash washing, and style like your natural hair. 

Top-notch quality wigs are designed by professionals and should look the part. If they are curls or waves, the curls and waves should look full. While they look full, they shouldn't feel heavy on your head, thereby giving you comfort.

Wigs described as 100% human hair wigs should never look like artificial hair because they are made from unprocessed virgin human hair that look very much as real as natural hair.

5. Styling and Customization:

Low-quality wigs are hard to the touch and difficult to style, while good-quality wigs are very versatile with regards to styling. Good-quality wigs also respond better to washing and heat styling.

What to do to make the Lace Front Wigs to Last Longer?

1.Brush through your lace front wig several times a day. If your lace front wig is curly you can finger-comb her.

2.Wash your lace front wig weekly or at least bi-weekly if you wear her daily. Your lace front wig will tell you when she needs to be cleaned/conditioned either by her smell or just that dirty hair feeling.

3.Use hair products that are free from drying sulfates and parabens.

4.If you wear your lace front wig to bed always braid your hair and wear a satin wig cap. This will prevent friction from damaging your hair.

5.Lace front wig hair cannot produce any natural oils to protect the hair like our natural scalp's produce. Applying a hair oil will help keep her healthy.

6.Remove all tangles from your wig gently before shampooing, using your hands or a mind shampoo and a comb.

7.Avoid soaking your lace front wig when washing. Instead, wet the hair, apply a small amount of mild shampoo, and distribute it throughout the hair while avoiding the scalp area.

Wig Cleaning Tips for increasing Longevity of the Lace Front Wig

1.Combine the shampoo through your hair in a top-to-bottom motion using gentle downward strokes. Don't scrub the wig as you would scrub your natural hair. Don't use a bristle brush, or you might pull out or break the hair.

2.Apply some of the shampoo water inside the wig cap and tap it gently to wash it. (Don't scrub)

3.Rinse the wig under cool to lukewarm running water until there's no shampoo or suds left. Position the wig so that the water flows downwards from the cap to the tip of the hair.

4.Blot the hair gently with a towel to remove excess water.

5.Apply some conditioner on the damp wig and distribute it throughout the hair using your hands. Avoid the scalp when doing this because conditioners can soften and loosen the hair knots.

6.Rinse off the conditioner or leave the hair to dry, depending on whether you're using a leave-in or wash-off conditioner.

7.Leave your wig to dry by hanging it to air dry, using a blow dryer on low setting, or setting the hair in rollers, depending on your preference.

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