The Perfect Wear & Go Wig For Summer

Summer is coming soon, do you want to make yourself a new hairstyle and buy a new wig in this new season? So what kind of wig is suitable for summer? Which wig is the most breathable and comfortable because of the hot weather? So today in this blog, we will introduce you to a brand new wig, the pre-cut lace wig, which is also the latest wig series launched by Junoda. It is very breathable and light, saving time and effort. Let you have a great experience. Next, Let's see how the influencer feels about wearing this wig and how she reviews it.

1. The Real Show And Review Of Pre-Cut Wear On & Go Deep Wave Wig

Hey y'all. Today we are doing a review on this beautiful wig that I have on right here right now. She's a pop-on, which means less time, and less effort, so let's get into it.

Let's get into this wig, this is their wear-and-go Deep Wave wig, it's a 4.5x6 closure and it basically is a pop on-and-go wig, like you literally can if you don't co-wash wigs, but I co-wash wigs, But if you don't, you could literally take it out of the box and pop it on, because the lace is already pre-cut for you, so it's ready to go. It has your typical construction, comes in the side, combs in the back, adjustable strap that adjusts from one side to the other, the density on this lace is really really really good, it is like a light-colored lace, but look how good, it blends, girl.

So, now I'm gonna co-wash it and I'll be back. Now, you can see it, this is the wig after it has been co-washed and air dried, look at the curl pattern, super pretty. This wig is a pop-on-and-go wig like you're supposed to literally just be able to very easily throw this wig, on and go without having to do anything to it, so I have not done anything to this wig except co-washing it and then letting it air dry, because I like when the curl pattern looks like this and not like how it comes, so I just co-washed it but I didn't do anything else. The lace is already cut off and it looks really good, so I didn't put anything in the part or anything, I'm really about to see like are we going to be able to just pop this wig on and go because that's what you're supposed to be able to do now. I don't know if they meant like in of not doing anything to the knots, like bleaching or adding foundation and stuff like that, so I'm gonna try it on first to see, but I think I might have to like to add something to the part just, so like the knots are not like so apparent. The thing that is making me a little nervous is this has that breathable cap, it's just basically tracked on, a cap and then it has like the cap on the outer sides, but it's not like you know how the caps usually are, it's like breathable, so that makes me nervous, because what if you could see my wig cap. So we are literally about to end in real-time, just pop her on and go and see how it works out.

2. The Real Explanation Of Wearing Process From The Influencer

I got my cap right here, already laid my own edges down, so let's see let's pop it on. I really hope you won't be able to see my wig cap, I feel like I'm gonna adjust the straps a little more, but now it's OK. So it's definitely pop on and go, I'm gonna have to cut a little bit of this lace off though because it's kind of like the way it's positioning into my hairline. I mean I guess I could, I could leave it that's actually my hair right there. Next what I do need to do is add something to the part, I added some powder, and you can still kind of see my cap because of the density, in the front, you can still see the cap a little bit, but I added some powder to the part just to kind of like help blend it out, but I know you can see that like the part is kind of blended to perfection. It looks really good, this is so pretty, super cute this curl pattern is. You can’t see the cap. It's beautiful, we love that for me.

3. The Influncer's Real Review After She Wears Wear-And-Go Wig

Let's get into it. this wig is absolutely gorgeous, like look at this curl pattern, it's so so pretty. But moreover, this is actually a pop-on-and-go wig, obviously, I had to kind of like add some powder to the part. I feel like anything that's supposed to be like put on and go. You're gonna make it your own in some type of way. it is pop-on and goes, in terms of like the wig comes with the lace already cut off, you don't really have to worry about cutting off the lace or anything like that. The density of the closure portion of the wig is really really nice, and the pre-cut lace wig will save you some times in some time.


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